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Whatever the occasion Gelato Henley will add a sparkle of glamour, decadence and pure joy to your event. We have a whole menagerie of ideas to capture your imagination and make your day, evening, night, weekend or even week, if we have to! We love a collaboration with a premium, edgy brand.

The Gelato and Sorbet are always the main attraction and their taste will never disappoint your guests. To make your event even more memorable we specialise in those extra finishing touches from personalised wafers or bespoke flavours to matching the colour of our products to your theme - the list is endless.

Our table top scooping freezer may be the perfect addition to your extravaganza or maybe you prefer a more rustic village fête bunting look or the more artisan gazebo. We will adapt to any situation and enhance every scheme. Everything can be dialled up or dialled down depending on your whim or desire. It’s all about you!

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If you're planning an event and want to make it extra special by offering your guests the best Gelato around please enter the details below and our team will get back to you shortly to create a bespoke package. We look forward to working with you!

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