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Once upon a time Ryan met Katrina at Reading Festival, they fell in love and the result was two beautiful children and over a hundred delicious flavours of Gelato and Sorbet!

That really is our story. Ryan’s second love is cooking and Katrina’s second love is Gelato.

Katrina’s father is Italian and after a rainy holiday in her family town on Lake Maggiore, Ryan realised that there was not a flavour in the local Gelateria that Katrina had not sampled. He transferred his love of savoury Italian cooking to Gelato and Sorbet and Gelato Henley was born.

As family took over, the business grew slowly but steadily, and in 2021 they met Brigitte, who quickly became passionate about the product and jumped onboard to manage the transition to a dual events based, as well as a sweet treats emporium.

June 2022 saw the opening of our first Gelateria, The Scoop Room at 31 Duke Street in Henley on Thames.

Brigitte left in September 2023 to focus on her other businesses.

Still at the heart of everything we do is Ryan and Katrina in our lovely Henley on Thames kitchen lovingly making the dreaminess that you taste on every spoon or cone!

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